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posted 08.24.2018 ○ Event
The 2019 AIM Center Symposium on Autophagy & Annual Meeting

Join us at the annual AIM Center Symposium on Friday, February 22, 2019 for a day of plenary talks and workshops by leading autophagy scientists from around the world.

The symposia, hosted by Drs. Vojo Deretic (AIM Center Director), Leon Murphy (Casma Therapeutics, USA), and Li Yu (Tsinghua University, China), will take place in the Domenici Center Auditorium at the Health Sciences Center, University of New Mexico. This event will follow the 2019 Keystone autophagy meeting in Santa Fe. To register (free) for the AIM satellite symposium, click here, otherwise, click below for the full list of speakers and additional information!

Schematic of the autophagic process
posted 01.25.2019 ○ Research
Modulating T Cell Responses via Autophagy: The Intrinsic Influence Controlling the Function of Both Antigen-Presenting Cells and T Cells

A review by Dr. Eliseo Castillo and colleagues. Dr. Castillo is a recipient of a pilot award from the AIM Center and studies how autophagy affects T cell responses.

3rd Nordic Autophagy Society Conference
posted 01.23.2019 ○ Conference
3rd Nordic Autophagy Society Conference

The Nordic Autophagy Society (NAS) promotes autophagy research in Northern European countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands)


01.23.2019 ○ Cell

The lysosomal degradation pathway of autophagy plays a fundamental role in cellular, tissue, and organismal homeostasis and is mediated by evolutionarily conserved autophagy-related (ATG) genes...

01.14.2019 ○ News

The AIM Center's Associate Director Dr. Eric Prossnitz and Internal Advisory Board member, Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn recently spoke with UNM-HSC media about their exciting drug discovery. Check out the article below!

01.10.2019 ○ Nature

Replicative crisis is a senescence-independent process that acts as a final barrier against oncogenic transformation by eliminating pre-cancerous cells with disrupted cell cycle checkpoints...

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