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Submitted by Lee Allers on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 11:18

Expression of Interest (EOI) for potential mentored PIs on AIM CoBRE

Expression of Interest is on a rolling basis and will be reviewed quarterly (calendar)

What is requested: EOI with a statement of interest, alignment with the AIM CoBRE, position (eligibility: tenure track, junior faculty)
RFA will be issued at a later date with deadlines announced separately on this site and EOI applicants will be informed by email to apply.

At this time, we are accepting an Expression of Interest (EOI) by prospective candidates. The Autophagy Inflammation and Metabolism Center (AIM) is planning to conduct periodic searches for competitive mentored PI (mPI) positions to be supported by the AIM P20 NIH award. Eligible candidates must be on tenure track junior faculty or have a letter from the Department Chair regarding an upcoming/pending tenure track faculty appointment position. The EOI should be a half page maximum; with a very brief description of a potential project that will fit with the AIM Center program and cores.