How can I apply for associate membership with AIM?

  1. Faculty can send an email to express their interest in becoming an AIM member (please notify Shaina Aguirre and Sally Ann )
  2. A formal invitation will be sent which requests the following from the faculty member requesting a membership:
    1. Provide a presentation at a TAIM seminar on your research project. Please be sure to highlight in your talk how your studies pertain to autophagy, inflammation, metabolism and/or other aspects of the AIM sphere of interest and how AIM membership will help you to enhance your research efforts (e.g. use of AIM Core equipment). The presentation should be ~15 minutes long (no longer than 20 minutes).
    2. Send us an NIH bio sketch.
    3. Send an abstract of your research program
  3. Once the requested items have been completed, the AIM Executive Committee will vote and approve the faculty member as an AIM Associate Member.
  4. If approved the faculty member will then be sent a formal letter of approval
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