Tuesday AIM Technical Seminar- Tara Nylese, Sr. Product Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Improving your analysis and optimizing your products and workflows are the foundations for developing innovative application. Attend our technical talk to learn how to overcome your analytical challenges with the latest technologies.



Event Details

Date:October 22nd, 2019

Starts:03:00PM MDT
Ends:04:00PM MDT
UNM Health Sciences Campus
Building: Fitz Hall
Room: 303

Cryo-transmission electron microscopy (Cryo-TEM), and particularly Single Particle Analysis,
(SPA), is rapidly becoming the premier method for determining the three-dimensional structure of protein complexes and viruses. In the last several years there have been dramatic technological improvements in Cryo-TEM, such as advancements in automation and use of improved direct electron detectors, as well as improved image processing techniques.

Furthermore, it is now becoming possible to determine the structure of proteins in situ with Cryo-Electron Tomography using of focused ion beam milled thin samples. This aspect of Cryo-TEM opens 200 – 300 nm thin windows into the cell’s interior, enabling targeting of structural features within the cellular context. Please join this informative session to learn how Cryo-TEM workflows capable of generating nearly atomic resolution structures can be used to solve molecular and structural biology challenges.



Technical Seminar