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Co-Editors Daniel J Klionsky and Fulvio Reggiori are excited to announce the launch of a new open access sister journal to Autophagy, introducing Autophagy Reports.

Benefiting from the same publishing team of well-established journal Autophagy, to celebrate this exciting introduction all accepted papers will be published open access free of charge in 2022!

Autophagy Reports is a peer reviewed, open access journal publishing research on all aspects of autophagic processes.

The aim of Autophagy Reports is the rapid communication of high quality, novel research, which takes a multidisciplinary overview on the fundamental, translational and/or clinical aspects connected to autophagic processes.

Autophagy Reports covers the following topics: autophagic processes (i.e., the lysosome/vacuole-dependent degradation of intracellular material); the connections between autophagy and various aspects of human health and disease including cancer, neurodegeneration, aging, diabetes, myopathies and heart disease. We are interested in all experimental systems, from yeast to plant and human. Suggestions for appropriate specialized topics are welcome.

The journal accepts the following article types:

  • Original research (basic science, translational and clinical)
  • Reviews and Mini Reviews
  • Brief Reports/Rapid Communications
  • Technical papers (toolbox, protocol and resource)
  • Commentaries and Views
  • Puncta

For more information and to submit your manuscript:

Autophagy Reports (

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