AIM announces formation of NCAM and medical specialties-based sections

In addition to the International Council of Affiliate Members (ICAM), the AIM Center announces formation of  medical specialties-based sections within its newly formed National Council of Affiliate Members (NCAM). We welcome to NCAM physician-scientists within the first two sections formed, AIM Center Cardiology Section (ACCS) and  AIM Center Nephrology Section (ACNS). The founding members of the Cardiology Section are Drs. Babak Razani, Joel Schilling, Abhinav Diwan, Ali Javaheri, and Kory-Lavine, all of Washington University School of Medicine. The founding members of the Nephrology Section are Drs. Kenneth Hallows, of University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, and Brent Wagner of UNM School of Medicine

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