The AIM Center's 2020 International eSymposium

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The AIM Center is hosting an eSymposium in the upcoming weeks with guest speakers from around the world! Details will be continuously updated so make sure to check this page to stay informed!

The following events are supported by:

Journal of Cell Science

Upon completing your registration, you will be sent a link for viewing the symposium!

Early Career Investigator Series

Program organized and led by Drs Hansen (US), Settembre (IT), and Tooze (UK)

All abstracts from PhD students, post-docs, or junior PIs (within first 5 years of independence) submitted for talks, by the deadline of October 1st, will be considered for presentation in one of the three sessions.

Submissions are closed

October 26, 2020

Starts: 09:00 AM MST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sharon Tooze, Francis Crick Institute, UK

Short/Flash Talks
  • Carlos Guardia Ph.D.
  • Anais Franco Romero Ph.D.
  • Michael Mandell Ph.D.
  • Xiaoshan Shi Ph.D.
  • Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez
  • Francesca Nazio
  • Marina Garcia-Macia Ph.D.
  • Mayada Mazher
  • Naomi Okugbeni
  • Joaquín Pellegrini, Ph.D.
  • Karolina Pircs Ph.D.
  • Sara Sergio Ph.D.
  • Danijela Stevanović

November 09, 2020

Starts: 09:00 AM MST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carmine Settembre, TIGEM, IT

Short/Flash Talks
  • Jose Nieto Torres Ph.D.
  • Jo Durgan Ph.D.
  • Andrew Leidal Ph.D.
  • Suresh Kumar Ph.D.
  • Ada Nowosad Ph.D.
  • Silvia Vega-Rubin-de-Celis

November 23, 2020

Starts: 09:00 AM MST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Malene Hanson, UC Davis, US

Short/Flash Talks
  • Paolo Grumati Ph.D.
  • Fei Wang Ph.D.
  • Christina Towers Ph.D.
  • Marina Hoffmann Ph.D.
  • Leopoldo Staiano Ph.D.
  • Laura Martin-Sancho, Ph.D.

Symposia Seminar Series

Starts: 10:00 AM MST

Dr. Richard Youle, NIH, US
Dr. David Rubinsztein, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK

August 31, 2020

Focus: Metabolism
This event has ended.
Starts: 10:00 AM MST

Dr. Gokhan Hotamışlıgil, Harvard Medical School, US
Dr. Lorenzo Galuzzi, University of Paris, Weill Cornell Medical Center (FR/US)

September 14, 2020

Focus: Inflammation
Starts: 10:00 AM MST

Dr. Vishva Dixit, Genentech, US
Dr. Luke O'Neil, Trinity College, IR

September 29, 2020

Focus: Covid-19
Starts: 06:00 PM MST

Dr. John Kehrl, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, US
Dr. Zhengli Shi, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, CN

October 13, 2020

Focus: Autophagy
Starts: 06:00 PM MST

Dr. Eric Baehrecke, UMASS Medical School, US
Dr. Quan Chen, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

October 27, 2020

Focus: Metabolism
Starts: 06:00 PM MST

Dr. Reuben Shaw, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, US
Dr. Sheng-Cai Lin, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, CN

November 10, 2020

Focus: Inflammation
Starts: 06:00 PM MST